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Womens Clothes 2021

Women in Pakistan are known to be very classy and sophisticated when it comes to dressing up for different events. Whether it is a formal and fancy event or just a simple party at a friend’s house, it seems that Pakistani women are always the best dressed in the room. The traditions and customs have been passed down from generation to generation, and traditional women's clothing in Pakistan has always been super elegant and simple. Even at formal events, Pakistani women opt for more royal and sophisticated options to appear classier and fashionable.

Fashion articles such as designer saree dresses, shararas, and heavily decorated Kurtis and tops are worn on formal events such as a wedding, reception, pre-and post-wedding ceremonies, and many other fancy gatherings. Now on to the semi-formal events like a birthday party or a family gathering, women usually go for simpler clothing such as plainer Kurtis, full-length frocks, and elegant maxi dresses. As for the casual wear, they wear three-piece suits that consist of a gorgeous Kurti, trousers/shalwar, and a dupatta to go with it. Pakistani women are known for their talent of styling all these outfits up just the right way with the help of jewelry items and accessories such as shoes and purses.