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Linen Collection 2021

Linen is a fabric that is sourced from the flax plant. An extremely lightweight fabric, it is very durable and has a low thread count. Linen is usually an expensive fabric as the flax plant takes longer to harvest and certain types of linen are a luxury. However, in Pakistan, since linen fabric is produced in abundance, so the price of the fabric is reasonable. Linen Dresses in Pakistan are usually worn during the winter season and during the less hot months. Linen fabric is very lightweight, easy to carry, doesn't require too much effort in properly ironing, and is great for casual, as well as semi formal wear in Pakistan.

Many designer brands in Pakistan have hit linen collections 2021 that they introduce every year. These linen outfits are accessible as two-piece and three-piece suits mostly. Linen variety is generally present as beautifully printed suits, but it is not uncommon to find appealing embroidered linen dresses, as linen can be easily embroidered to make it look more mesmerizing. Linen outfits are often paired with a warm shawl made of fabric like yarn, wool, khaddar, or velvet. Outfits made with a mix n match of linen fabric along with other premium fabrics like velvet, masoori, chiffon, and silk are great for semi-formal wear.