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Designer Sarees 2021

Sarees are one of the traditional women's dresses in Pakistan that have been worn for a very long time in many countries. In Pakistan, sarees are considered a very luxurious and classy fashion article. It is mostly worn in formal events, depending on how fancy the event is. There are different types of sarees worn at different events. For instance, women usually wear heavy, embroidered sarees at events like weddings and receptions. Some opt for an elegant looking option for events like Eid, engagement parties, and formal office parties. Other than that, simpler designer saree dresses are worn on events like birthdays, bridal showers, and several post-wedding events.

Pakistanis can be very creative when it comes to styling sarees and other women's clothing in an eye-catching way. Pakistani women use other fashion articles such as pants, shawls, and belts. Pants are usually worn by younger women so the saree doesn’t look too formal and heavy. Shawls are wrapped around the shoulders or the arms to give the saree a royal and classy look. This look is usually worn by women in the winter season, which means and style and comfort all in one. Belts are worn to accentuate the waist and appear slimmer and smarter.