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Velvet Collection 2021

Who said you can’t have both fashion and comfort, all at once in that extreme winter season? People in Pakistan tend to go for velvet as their best option when it comes to styling their clothes in winters. The velvet fabric is not only considered super fashionable, classy, and luxurious but is also quite effective in keeping one warm and cozy. Pakistani women's clothes a variety of velvet fashion articles to look their best at different events. From velvet dresses to velvet shawls, velvet Kurtis to velvet saree dresses too many other velvet fashion articles, Pakistani women have their unique way of styling them all.

Velvet shawls and dupattas are elegantly draped around the shoulders or the arms to achieve the ultimate royal look while staying completely warm and comfy. Some women opt for velvet sarees, which is an absolute statement, for formal events such as weddings, reception, engagements, or other formal gatherings. Velvet Kurtis are also often styled with other classy fashion pieces, as formal attire on get-togethers, parties, and events where you don’t require a heavily formal dress code. Velvet is a luxurious fabric, perfect for the winter season, and Pakistani women know exactly how to style it the right way.