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Summer Collection 2024 | Ladies Summer Clothing & Summer Dresses

Summer Collection 2024 | Ladies Summer Clothing & Summer Dresses

Pakistan is quite close to the equator, which means it experiences a very hot summer season. A hot and humid summer season demands the wear of comfortable, as well as breathable clothing that will help you feel light, not suffocated. Summer Wear Clothing in Pakistan is usually made from lightweight materials like lawn and cotton. These fabrics are breathable and light, so your body can stay cool during the hot summers.

For ladies, shalwar kameez are popular in the summer season as well, where a large population also likes wearing western apparel like t-shirts with trousers. All these different types of outfits are usually sourced from summer-friendly fabrics and are available in a wide range of light summer-appropriate colors. Numerous designers in Pakistan launch their latest summer varieties every year during the spring season, so the ladies have something fashionable yet comfortable to wear during the summer season.

Most Common Summer Wear Fabric in Pakistan

For ladies, the Most Common Summer Wear Fabric in Pakistan has to be lawn, but cotton and linen ensembles are in high demand as well. The majority of women in Pakistan are housewives and even when they are carrier oriented, kitchen duties rely mostly on women. This means not everyone gets the luxury of sitting in the air-conditioned room all day during the summer season, so to battle the hot temperature, lightweight clothes are very important. This is why lawn suits are mostly very popular in Pakistan and are worn by Pakistani women all year round.


Lawn is a very lightweight fabric that is derived from cotton threads. The weaved fabric has a silky touch to it and depending on the quality of the fabric, the lawn material can be quite thin. Almost all clothing brands in Pakistan are in the competition to produce the best and the most affordable lawn dresses designs every year. As lawn outfits are worn for casual wear, as well as for parties during the summer season. These lawn dresses for ladies can be found in a variety of different colors and are sold as kurtis, two-piece suits, as well as three-piece dresses.


Another well-loved fabric for summer is cotton. It is again a lightweight and breathable fabric that is more durable than the lawn fabric. Several varieties of cotton fabrics are present, which attract the ladies for their unique qualities. Easy to wear and fabric with long life can make these Pakistani cotton dresses last for more than a single summer season.

All the top women's clothing brands in Pakistan put in great efforts to produce the latest varieties of unstitched cotton suits for the ladies, which include ready to wear outfits and unstitched designer dresses. You can select from kurtis & tops, two-piece suits, and three-piece outfits. As cotton is a soft and breathable fabric, so attires made from the fabric are summer appropriate, and you can find attractive cotton suits with eye-catching prints.

Summer Wear Clothing in Pakistan

We all know how harsh and unbearable Pakistani summers can be. The scorching sun, heatwave, combined with power failure can make anyone insane in seconds. However, we Pakistanis have found a way to keep ourselves cooler and more comfortable in the merciless Pakistani summer. Lawn is undoubtedly the most loved fabric by women in Pakistan for all the right reasons.

What is Lawn Fabric:

The lawn fabric is made up of fine cotton yarn that is known for its airy and breathable nature. This fabric absorbs dye beautifully and can be styled in various different ways. Not only this fabric airy but also quite light weight. Initially, this fabric was called handkerchief linen internationally, as handkerchiefs were made up of this soft and light plain weave fabric.

Summers in Pakistan are hot and humid. With such high temperature and humidity, it gets unbearable, so wanting to dress-up, as well as look your best might be an option not everyone finds pleasing. However, Pakistani ladies are blessed with the lawn fabric that is lightweight, as well as is designed just for the hot summers in Pakistan and has a high demand. Terms like lawn fever and lawn extravaganza are used for the lawn obsession among Pakistani women. Summer Collection 2024 in Pakistan consists of the latest variety of ladies lawn dresses 2024 that are designed by both high-end and affordable fashion designers in Pakistan to produce irresistible lawn suits for women.

Accessible in a wide array of pretty hues ranging from summer-friendly tones of yellow, beige, blues, and greens to pastel colors, these lawn suits online in Pakistan are very appealing to see. The printed variety of lawn suits are designed for casual wear, whereas premium lawn outfits that are paired with other fabrics like silk, chiffon, net, and others are made for semi-formal, as well as formal wear parties. You have the option to choose from stitched or unstitched lawn dresses, where lawn fabric is used to produce both traditional and modern style of ladies garments. With a diverse price point, you can easily purchase nice lawn suits for under Rs 1500 or invest more to get something stylish to wear for a special event like Eid.

Lawn Summer Wear in Pakistan:

Lawn fabric is adorned with beautiful vibrant prints along with intricate embroidery to add to its beauty. The casual, everyday lawn wear is usually plain and loose to provide a comfortable experience to the wearer. In the past few decades, the lawn industry has become a multi-billion-dollar industry because of the increasing demand each year. Fashion and textile designers are coming up with designer lawn suits 2024 that feature elegant colors, cuts, and fine embroidery along with precious embellishments.

Major clothing brands in Pakistan like Nishat Linen, Gul Ahmed, Khaadi, Sana Safinaz, Kayseria, Saya, Ethnic, J., Almirah, Alkaram, Chinyere, Firdous, and various other apparel labels specialize in high-quality lawn. The immense demand for lawn suits in Pakistan paved way for the opening of newer lawn brands in Pakistan for every occasion. In Pakistan, lawn fabric is so valued and loved that people wear it for different occasions like birthday parties, Eid, post-wedding get-togethers, dinner events, and even business meetings.

The prices of Lawn summer wear vary massively from brand to brand. Some three-piece lawn suits can cost around PKR 1000 while some can go all the way up to PKR 15,000 to 20,000 depending upon the designer, brand, and the embellishments featured on the fabric. Lawn fabric comes in the form of 1-piece, 2-piece, and 3-piece unstitched suits, as well as pret wear that are ready to be worn.