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Organza Dresses

Organza is a sheer fabric that is made up of silk which gives it the iconic luster. It is a lightweight fabric that is used to embellish most dresses but these days organza is also being used to create complete formal wedding dresses in Pakistan. From formal wear for eid, parties, and other events to weddings, organza is used to make luxurious looking wedding and festive women's clothing. The fabric is quite delicate which makes it a bit challenging to carry and creases easily. However, if worn and taken care of in the right way, organza dresses look ethereal when worn.

This fabric beautifully holds the embroidery and embellishments that add to its beauty, making it perfect for wedding fashion in Pakistan. There are different types of organza available in the market but mainly they are categorized into synthetic and natural fiber organza. Each type has different uses and can be styled in various ways to achieve the required result. In Pakistan, organza is usually used in the daaman of shirts, borders of the sleeves and trousers, dupattas, and outerwear like capes, coats, and kotis. If you want to look fashionably up to date with luxurious fabrics, the organza is the option to go for. Whether you are a wedding guest of the bride herself, organza fabric will ensure a fairy-like appearance.