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Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers in Pakistan

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Weddings in Pakistan are grand and frequent. This is why the scope of wedding wear and wedding accessories in Pakistan is great. When it comes to bridal fashion, the Pakistan fashion industry has left other countries behind, with its rich cultural and traditional designs that leave you awe-struck.

Top Bridal Fashion Designers in Pakistan

Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers Names include HSY, Nomi Ansari, Deepak Perwani, Agha Noor, Faraz Manan, Sania Masakatiya, and Maryum N Maria. When it comes to making the bride feel like a princess, each of these designer brands has a better dress in their bridal dresses collection than you can wish for.

Agha Noor

A venture of two fashion-loving siblings, Agha Noor has managed to show everyone how to design bridal wear correctly. With elegant outfits that make you fall in love with Agha Noor dresses, these ensembles are designed for events like engagement, Nikkah ceremony, Mehndi, Mayon, bridal shower as well as others. You are given several categories of traditional styles of outfits to choose from that are in a wide array of dark and light hues.

Top Bridal Fashion Designers in Pakistan

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Deepak Perwani

An iconic fashion designer brand that young girls wish to wear on their big day, Deepak Perwani has made a great name for itself in the world of fashion and bridal wear. Having a mind-blowing collection of Pakistan wedding dresses for men and women, the options are endless. From sexy cold shoulder ghagra cholis to right out of a fairytale, long train Angrakhas, figure-flattering ghararas to classic lehenga dresses that make you look like a Mughal empress, the bridal collections by Deepak Perwani will make you crave to buy the gorgeous outfits.

Top Bridal Fashion Designers in Pakistan

Faraz Manan

When it comes to effortlessly creating magnificent bridal outfits for the choosy brides, Faraz Manan is an expert. From perfectly contrasting different hues to excelling in monotone ensembles, Faraz Manan bridal attires are expertly crafted and are masterpieces. With a long list of stylish features, a few include fishtail lehengas, long train gowns, backless blouses, deep neck shirts, cropped cholis, voluminous shararas, and much more.

Top Bridal Fashion Designers in Pakistan

HSY (Hassan Sheheryar Yasin)

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin or HSY is one of the biggest and top women's clothing brand in Pakistan, with luxurious bridal dresses in Pakistan that are regularly displayed on the national and international fashion runways. The epitome of elegance, richly crafted fabrics with intricate hand embroideries that are done by hardworking craftsmen over the interval of a couple of months. With traditional silhouettes, classic designs, and modern touches, you can easily find bridal wear in a wide color selection by HSY.

Top Bridal Fashion Designers in Pakistan

Maryum N Maria

Who said bridal dresses have to be expensive to be crave-worthy? Maryum N Maria dresses has debunked all the dresses myths by coming out with an affordable range of bridal outfits. These wedding ensembles are crafted with great love, expertise, and have all the characteristics to make them excellent bridal wear for any bride. Accessible as unstitched outfits, you are provided with the opportunity to be your own designer and craft your ideal Pakistani women's clothing in a silhouette that you deem best.

Top Bridal Fashion Designers in Pakistan

Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari has made a great name for himself as a bridal couture designer who has revolutionized the world of bridal wear. From introducing new trends to bringing century-old clothing trends to life, the credit solely goes to this impressive designer. Having an endless collection of Pakistani formal party and wedding dresses to choose from, you can choose a colorful extravagant outfit for a spicy, bold bride look or opt for a monotone bridal dress for an ethereal look.

Top Bridal Fashion Designers in Pakistan

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Sania Masakatiya

Talking about bridal fashion and not discussing Sania Masakatiya is like talking about Disney princesses and ignoring Cinderella. Sania Masakatiya has one of the most desirable wedding wear that will make you want to get married just so you can wear a mesmerizing outfit from the designer's bridal collection. Regal fashion at its best, the bridal ensembles are carefully crafted with classic silhouettes and contemporary aesthetics.

Top Bridal Fashion Designers in Pakistan

Imrozia Premium

In the business for decades, Imrozia is a creation of the brand Serene that has emerged as a popular clothing business. Specializing in Pakistani women's clothing, the Imrozia range is an exclusive party and formal wear range with an elaborate bridal collection. Offering some of the dazzling outfits, Imrozia Bridal Dresses are eye-catching and worth styling for your special day. Designed in trendy bridal colors, you can choose from classic red hues to modern metallics for a contemporary look. Using premium fabrics to put together the collection, the wedding outfits are very reasonably priced, so are a great option for budget buyers.

Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2021

Maria B

Pakistan's very own Coco Channel, Maria B is one of the very well reputed designers in Pakistan that is working since 1998. Having a grand selection of ready-to-wear and unstitched ensembles to choose from, the reason for the popularity of the brand is its bridals. Maria B Bridal Dresses are what every girl wishes to wear on her big day. From ghararas to shararas, lehenga cholis to gowns, maxis to princess style frock dresses, the designer's bridal range has it all. With a wide color variety to choose from, you can go with the classic bridal shades or opt for something unique. With heavily hand-embroidered and hand-embellished dresses, immense hard work goes into the creation of Maria B bridal wear dresses in Pakistan.

Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2021

ANAYA by Kiran Chaudhry

Working since 2016, Anaya is a label by Kiran Chaudhary that specializes in both stitched and unstitched fabrics for ladies. Featuring causals, luxury wear, bridal wear, and formal wear, the brand also offers one-of-a-kind jewelry. Anaya Bridal Dresses are the highlights of the designer's creativity and fashion aesthetics. Having several bridal ranges by the names of Joie De Vivre, Nauroz, Les Etoiles, and La Vie En Rose, the options are endless. Featuring both traditional cuts and modern silhouettes, you can shop from modest options or go with something sexy. With such diversity in hues, designs, embroideries, and embellishments, the outfits are truly mesmerizing.

Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2021

Asim Jofa

Among the few top bridal fashion designers in Pakistan to own numerous fashion awards and nominations, Asim Jofa started his career as a jewelry designer. After being in the fashion world for several years now, the designer is recognized as the top designer in Pakistan because of the immense popularity of his designer wear. From luxury lawn dresses to heavy formals, fabulous party wears to regal bridal wear, Asim Jofa is an expert in designing all types of ladies ensembles. Asim Jofa Bridal Dresses are extravagant attires with flowy majestic silhouettes in both contemporary and traditional designs. The glistening embellishments and rich detailed hand embroideries are some of the most alluring features of the Asim Jofa wedding ensembles.

Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2021

Misha Lakhani

Misha Lakhani is a luxurious designer brand in Pakistan by the designer of the same name, who got her fashion designer degree from Central Saint Martins. A Lahore-based brand, Misha Lakhani has two studios based in the cities of Lahore and Karachi, with retail locations based in Islamabad, as well as UAE, for international customers. The idea behind the brand's philosophy is to keep the ancient textiles and styles of embroideries alive, which is why the dresses are designed with a collaboration of expert artisans. Finding unique fabrics and beautifying them with rich traditional embroideries, the masterpieces are marvelously put together under the Misha Lakhani label.

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  • Good efforts. Thanks for sharing. i really appreciate your efforts. So please sharing such an amazing information.

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  • I bought a dress from Misha Lakhani for my wedding, and I am grateful to them for making my dream bridal dress! It’s incredible; the color and embroidery are perfect. I really love it.

    Iqra Batool on
  • I recommend Asim Jofa’s bridal collection to all of you. They design dresses in some stunning designs and colors that are appealing to eyes.

    Minaal Khan on
  • Nice blog! I believe the formal wedding collection by Faraz Manan is one of the unique impressive one. Their dresses are expertly crafted and are masterpieces. recommended

    Ghazal Shafiq on
  • HSY’s women’s wedding dresses are truly stunning. I ordered their dress for my wedding and was completely satisfied and happy with my purchase.

    Anabia khan on

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