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Women's Winter Dresses 2024 Online in Pakistan

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As hot as the summers are in Pakistan, winters are equally colder. With the temperature dropping to minus degrees Celsius in the hilly areas, everyone needs to cover themselves up properly. Like all around the world you see the latest winter wear on fashion runways and stores, Pakistani brands also display their latest winter collection 2021 as soon as the autumn season starts. Women's Winter Dresses in Pakistan are all about comfort and style, looking your best while protecting yourself from the cold as well. Since wearing branded women's clothes in Pakistan is a fashion trend almost every woman follows, the brands put together their winter range using fabrics like marina, velvet, linen, viscose, palachi, pashmina, jacquard khaddar, damask, as well as others.

Women's Winter Dresses in Pakistan

Linen is one of the most commonly used fabrics for producing winter wear suits in Pakistan. It is a lightweight, yet durable fabric that is easy to dye and yields excellent results when printed. Because of its durability, linen fabric can be easily embroidered to make the clothes a little fancy. Pakistani women wear linen dresses on a day to day basis and it is especially loved by the working ladies, as it is quite affordable, so you can easily shop several linen outfits every winter season.

linen fabric in Pakistan

Khaddar is a fabric that is made using cotton fibers. As, it is a handwoven fabric, so it naturally has this pretty pattern that makes it look elegant. Khaddar outfits are used by women as casual and formal wear. This fabric also can easily withhold intricate embroideries or you can get a simple khaddar dresses in Pakistan and decorate it with beautiful lace to complement its pretty woven pattern.

khaddar fabric in Pakistan

Velvet is a type of fabric that is very hyped during the winter season in Pakistan. It is this high-quality fabric that is accessible in gorgeous hues and comes with attractive embroidered designs that are very eye-catching. Velvet is an expensive fabric, so it is among the desirable things by the ladies. Velvet party dresses in Pakistan usually worn during semi-formal and formal events. Due to its lavish factor, all you need is a perfect pair of shoes, as well as some pretty jewelry to style and be ready for your event..

velvet fabric in Pakistan

Viscose or rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber that is sourced from cellulose. In appearance, viscose resembles silk as it has a nice drape and feels luxurious. Viscose is commonly used to make winter dresses in Pakistan for the ladies and as it is light-weight, as well as is not too expensive, Pakistani women love splurging on viscose outfits. Viscose is mostly accessible as a printed variety and is great for making casual wear, as well as fancy wedding dresses.

viscose fabric in Pakistan

Jacquard is an another expensive type of winter wear fabric. Experts create alluring designs on jacquard fabric, which makes it look lavish. Having a natural sheen, Jacquard ensembles look very attractive and are designed for formal wear. You can often find suits made with jacquard fabric and other fabrics to construct a masterpiece worth purchasing.

jacquard fabric in Pakistan

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  • I bought a velvet winter dress from dressyzone.com for the first time, and I was totally satisfied with the dress! The dress was perfect in every aspect, and the fabric is also amazing. Will definitely buy more.

    Nazia Imran on
  • I love khaddar fabric for the winter season in Pakistan. Khaddar dresses can be used as casual and formal wear, and you can get it in some beautiful embroideries and lace work.

    Sana Shah on
  • Very informative blog. In my opinion linen is the best winter fabric for women’s day to day casual use. Because it’s lightweight and very much durable, available in awesome colors and embroideries.

    Uffaq khan on
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