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Indian Dresses 2021

Tons of people migrated from India to Pakistan, and they brought their traditions, customs, and cultures with them. Up to this date, most Pakistanis wear Indian style dresses as their ancestors and traditions are the same as the ones in India. Fashion trends, preferences, and unique styles have been passed down from generation to generation for years. As the Pakistani and Indian fashion sense is quite similar to each other, people tend to wear it both casually and formally in a variety of events.

Dresses such as Lehenga dresses, Anarkali dresses, Long Kameez with Churidar Pajama, Ghagra and Choli, and Saree dresses are worn at formal events. Pakistani women opt for Lehengas, Ghagra and Choli, and Sarees when they get ready for formal and fancy events like Weddings, Receptions, and other post-wedding events. Or, semi-formal events that do not require such a heavy dress code, women choose to wear elegant options like Anarkali dresses or Long Embroidered with Churidar Pajamas. The variety of Indian dresses in Pakistan allows them to choose the perfect option that is fitting for the nature of the event. This proves that trends and styles may change from time to time, but traditions and preferences last and get passed down to several generations.