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Different Types of Jacquard Fabric & Dresses in Pakistan

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Jacquard is the type of fabric that features a weaved-in design and it is made using threads of silk or cotton. The fabric is quite durable compared to other materials and is one of the multipurpose fabrics that can be used year-round. jacquard dresses online are largely worn during the summer season and is loved for its durability, as well as breathable nature.

You can find Different Types of Jacquard Fabric & Dresses in Pakistan, where you can find different blends of jacquard material, which showcase different characteristics. There are varieties like cotton jacquard, synthetic jacquard, brocade, damask, wool jacquard, and silk jacquard, as well as much more. These different blends are largely used in Pakistan to design Pakistani dresses like shalwar suits, as well as other types of outfits for different occasions.

Cotton Jacquard

One of the most common varieties of jacquard material is cotton jacquard. It is used in constructing summer collections. You can often find it paired with lawn fabric to make casual wear summer dresses for ladies. The cotton jacquard outfits are very affordable and easy on the pocket, where the self-print designs present are quite alluring.

Wool Jacquard

Wool Jacquard is a thicker variety of jacquard material and is designed for winter wear for ladies in Pakistan. The fancy patterns of wool jacquard material are very alluring and it is often used in making shawls, stoles, as well as scarves. A lot of hard work goes into the making of wool jacquard fabric, where you can find expensive varieties that are too perfect to resist.

Synthetic Jacquard

Synthetic Jacquard is a blend of jacquard material made using threads of synthetic fibers. It is affordable as compared to other materials but does not compare to the quality of other types of jacquard suits in Pakistan. A good cheap option for increasing your wardrobe, as the self-design of synthetic jacquard is very captivating with nice color options. You can use this blend of jacquard as casual wear for year-round.

Silk Jacquard

As the name suggests, this variety of jacquard is constructed using silk threads and is one of the most smoothest blends of jacquard with premium qualities of silk fabric. Silk jacquard fabric is often designed with glistening threads, which shimmer when the light hits them. It is used in making dupattas for Pakistani ladies suits made of different materials, where the dupatta has a soft sleek touch of silk material with the durability of jacquard fabric. Silk jacquard is used in making formal wear outfits and is a little pricier compared to the other blends of jacquard.

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