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Different Types of Cotton Fabric in Pakistan

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Cotton is a very versatile fabric that is largely used worldwide to produce Pakistani clothing online and other similar items. Pakistan is rich when it comes to production of cotton crop and this is why cotton fabric is quite affordable in Pakistan. Whether it's eastern wear or western clothing, you can find clothing made of Different Types of Cotton Fabric in PakistanCotton dresses for ladies is a very durable and sturdy fabric that is great for rough wear. You can also find finer blends of cotton that are designed for occasion wear, which include varieties like satin, crepe, as well as others. Denim, muslin, and cambric varieties of cotton are diversely used in the manufacturing of western wear, as well as clothing for men. Egyptian cotton is one of the premium varieties of cotton that is mainly used to create high-quality bed linen.

Cotton Lawn

Pakistan being a country with hot climate conditions, lawn is one of the most worn fabrics in Pakistan during the hotter months. You can find diverse use of cotton fabric in creating finer qualities of summer wear dresses, where numerous notable Pakistani brands launch several cotton lawn selections every year. cotton lawn suits online are breathable and lightweight, present in pretty color combinations with eye catching prints, as well as designs, which make you fall in love with. These Pakistani cotton suits are usually quite affordable, where you can find complete three-piece suits made of cotton lawn material or opt for cotton lawn dresses with chiffon or silk dupattas for an extravagant touch.

Cotton Cambric

Cotton Cambric is another blend of cotton that is popular for its very durable nature. Cotton cambric is as good for winter wear for ladies in Pakistan, as it is for summer wear. Different types of women's wear dresses are designed using cotton cambric material, where most bottoms are made from cambric fabric as it is lightweight, but not see-through. Embroidered cambric suits look superb for casual wear and they are mostly designed for spring/summer wear. You can also find varieties of cambric outfits made for wear during the winter season.

Cotton Jacquard

Cotton jacquard fabric is a type of jacquard material that is designed using cotton threads. Compared to silk jacquard and other varieties of jacquard, it is affordable. You can find a lot of jacquard dresses in Pakistan in summer collections designed using cotton jacquard material, where the self-print designs of this fabric look captivating.

Cotton Satin

Cotton Satin is a very demanding type of cotton material that has a nice sheen to it. A durable fabric that is ideal for embroideries and heavy embellishments, you can find an ample selection of party wear suits for ladies designed using this material.

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