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Latest Khaddar Winter Dresses Designs in Pakistan

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Khaddar or also commonly known as Khadi is a winter wear fabric that is largely produced by weaving using threads of cotton, silk, as well as wool. The fabric is thick and has characteristic long wear properties, which makes it excellent wear for the colder months. Khaddar material is of four types, including muzlin, cotton, silk, and woolen varieties, which totally depend on the type of material it is woven using. Pakistani khaddar dresses has its roots as old as the subcontinent with the fabric in high demand for women, as well as men's wear clothing. Khaddar fabric has this self-woven design, which makes it look quite attractive and gives an alluring pattern to the material.

Latest Khaddar Winter Dresses Designs in Pakistan include ready to wear and unstitched khaddar suits that are usually designed for casual or semi-formal wear. Many notable brands like Sana Safinaz, Limelight, Zeen, CrossStitch, as well as several others, launch khaddar collection online every winter season, where these dresses are sold as kurtis, two-piece suits, and three-piece dresses.

Khaddar is among those fabrics that are ideal for embroidery work, as well as printing, which is why you can find an ample variety of printed khaddar suits and embroidered khaddar dresses. Khaddar is a very affordable fabric, so you can also shop it if you are on a budget and looking to add some pretty winter-wear dresses to your wardrobe.

You can find mesmerizing khaddar dresses design in a great selection of shades, which range from light color options to darker colors. As women prefer wearing deeper shades in winter and khaddar is a winter fabric, so mostly it is sold in darker shades. Printed suits for ladies are great for casual at-home wear, where they are often paired with printed khaddar dupattas, along with plain bottoms.

Suppose you want to shop fancy varieties of khaddar. In that case, you can choose embroidered khaddar dresses from your favorite brands, where they are not only beautifully embroidered, but are also paired with warm shawls made of fabrics like pashmina, wool, velvet, as well as others.

This is the type of fabric you can easily style with a shawl and don't necessarily need warm outerwear especially if you are going to be indoors. Luxury style Pakistani dresses online are really extravagant, which you can further beautify by having them stylishly stitched with fancy sleeves, necklines, silhouettes, as well as laces. These extravagant khaddar outfits are ideal for styling for winter parties, as well as gatherings.

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