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Nishat Linen Replica Dresses

Headquartered in Lahore, Nishat Linen is one of the major fashion and textile brands in Pakistan. The brand was started by Nishat Textile Mills that is known to manufacture the highest quality fabric in the country. Nishat Linen works with a vast color palette, types of fabrics, embellishment techniques, and kinds of embroideries. It is the apparel tag that can be found in every Pakistani household due to the popularity and durability of their fabric.

Nishat Linen focuses on bringing modern apparel to Pakistani men, women, and kids along with contemporary house textiles. Their price range is quite affordable which makes them one of the most loved brands in Pakistan. You can get your hands on stitched and unstitched dresses at Nishat Linen at a budget-friendly price tag and style them according to personality.

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